If you need a tutor for the following subjects, our experienced and educated tutors
can help you. Our company has been serving students since 2010. We work one on one or in groups. Our tutors are PhD students, honor students, native speakers and grads.

Available for appointments any time of day or night, even on short notice. We meet all your tutoring needs!

ONLY $30 per Hour, or $50 per 2 consecutively. Discounts available for group sessions. Additional travel fees may apply.

Any level. Online or in person. We meet where it’s convenient for you.

  • MATHEMATICS: (Basic Math, General Math, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Differential Equations, Statistics, etc.)
  • SCIENCE: (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry)
  • ESL: (English as a 2nd Language)
  • WRITING: (Grammar, Drafting, Revision, Research Techniques, Essays, Personal Statements, Analysis of Writing)
  • HUMANITIES: (History, Literature, Philosophy, Art History, Religious Studies)
  • LANGUAGES [Taught by Native Speakers]: (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Persian, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, German, Hindi)
  • COMPUTER PROGRAMS: (MATLAB, Solid Work, C++, Java, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project)
  • ENGINEERING: (Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics, Strength Of Material, Electronics, Structural Analysis, Engineering Calculation, Prototype Design & Evaluation, Design for Manufacture/Assembly DFM/A, Mechanism Synthesis, Robotic Systems, Electromechanical & Mechatronic Systems, Kinematic Analysis, Component & Vendor Sourcing, Thermal & Fluid Analysis CFD, Finite Element Analysis FEA, Tensile Testing, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, Bill of Materials Assembly Drawings, Detailed Part Drawings. Also, we can help you with designing products, machine components, sheet metal parts and performing using Finite Element Analysis FEA.)
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE (Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Psychology)
  • FINE ARTS (Marquetry, Charcoal)

No charge if you decide to cancel in the first 30 minutes!!!

We’ll come to you!! Meet at libraries, coffee shops, residences, schools.

E-mail: slcutsg@gmail.com

Call / text: (801) 893-2677 or (801) 232-9240 (Sarah)

Kik: sarah.j.tutoring

Skype: sarah.j.tutoring

Twitter: @SarahJTutoring

University Tutor


We have additional reviews located here.

If you are interested in being a tutor, please fill out the contact form with your location and preferred subjects. We are especially in need of accounting, finance, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, economic and statistics tutors.

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47 thoughts on “About

  1. The tutors here are great. I’ve used them for both english and math. The math tutor met me at my house in Cottonwood, which was very convenient. I had to meet the English tutor at the U though. But they both were able to help me a lot with my general classes. They are almost always able to get you in within 24 hours and call you back quickly too. One time when they didn’t have a tutor available they even gave me the website for another place. I don’t really have any complaints about them, except maybe it is confusing first because the number is for a secretary and she has to call you back after she finds you a tutor. But it’s worth it because the tutors are so nice and knowledgeable.

  2. The math tutor is an exceptional tutor.I’ve been using him exclusively for the past three years. There were other tutors I tried all of whom purported to be experts in these subject areas, but none of them had a solid understanding of the fundamentals and/or they couldn’t speak English well. Thus if you have the money, hire him. Some highlights: Excellent speaking and teaching skills with a great experience. Flexible in scheduling time and location of meetings. Can take direction well – i.e. teaches me exactly what I need and ask for without any arrogance or impatience. Extremely reliable/dependable. Price is a reasonable for what you get. Hire him.

  3. My math tutor really helped me understand concepts I wasn’t grasping. I highly recommend A+ tutoring. My tutor was helpful and is willing to meet me where I am and is pretty flexible. If you want a math tutor, I recommend this place.

  4. I am writing a review for the English tutor. She is really good and fast at editing essays. She will meet you in person or edit it over email for you. So it’s really convenient.

  5. I have been using A+ Tutoring and I am impressed. The tutor I have for math definitely knows what he’s doing so I’m able to easily complete my homework while learning the concepts. On top of good service, it’s more than worth the price compared to other tutors. I’ll be using A+ for a while!

  6. I have been very pleased with the math tutor assigned to my 11 year old son. The tutor has been very patient, informative, gearing the lessons and work to the level of my sons understanding. The tutor is always on time, pleasant, and professional. I would recommend him to my friends. Andrea

  7. My Math tutor has been helping me through ap calculus for the majority of this year. I would highly recommend using him wether it be for an extended period of time, or if you just need some last minute help before a big test. He has helped make calculus a tangible idea for me and I’m grateful for that.

  8. Saeed, our math tutor, has been friendly, positive, and gentle. He keeps a good attitude even when my daughter is less than enthusiastic about the subject. Since her case is unique, I spent some time explaining our situation before our first session, and therefore felt that the tutor could have come a little better prepared with ways to assess her needs, or with ideas of math texts we could use. But we built a good rapport as our first session progressed. Saeed has been supportive and patient while both I and my daughter figures things out.

  9. Thank goodness for Saeed! I honestly would not have passed my algebra class without his help. He was so flexible and willing to help however and whenever he could. I absolutely will call him again for 1010. Thanks Saeed! Oh, and he’s a funny guy as well.!!

  10. I received tutoring for statistics and the tutor provided to me was awesome! Before I met him, I thought I would need a week straight of tutoring and he was able to explain the material within an hour. He was very thorough, explained in detail the material, and did not rush me to get through the material. Totally worth the money and I will use them again!!

  11. I hadn’t had professional tutoring before but quickly realized I would need it to pass my Math 1050 class. Saaed helped alot. We met about once a week and my assignment grades got a lot better. The material made more sense. Truthfully, I still struggled with the tests, but I feel like that was because the tests covered 5 chapters each time instead of 2-3 chapters. So it was difficult to retain the information. Overall Saaed was good to work with. I would recommend him.

  12. Really knowledgeable in whatever they are tutoring in. Easy going and always on time. Cost for an hour is very reasonable.

  13. my math tutor is very friendly very knowledge in what he is teaching me. explains things to me so i can understand the problems.

  14. saeed has been tutoring me in basic chemistry for about six months. he is an excellent teacher. he is able to explain very difficult concepts in language which i can understand. his grasp of the material especially the mathematics involved is extremely thorough. he is extremely patient in his teaching style. i would highly recommend saeed to anyone desiring to learn chemistry.

  15. David was great at helping me with my math homework. He great at explaining how to solve a problem, and is very patient. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help in math. He would also give me extra time when I need it when I am stuck on a very difficult problem.

  16. David was very helpful in emphasizing important points and helping me understand the concepts of trigonometry.

  17. The math tutor I had was super helpful. He came to meet me in Sandy and he was really nice. He obviously really knew what he was talking about and made me feel very confident before my test. I got an A and I know it is because of him because I had no idea what I was doing until he helped me!

  18. David is a great tutor. He knows what he is doing. He can show you several different ways to solve the problem. I would suggest him to anybody.

  19. David is a very good tutor, has the ability to explain math in basic levels, even fun while doing it. My high schooled aged son really enjoyed working with him. It is nice that you can pick the location you prefer for the sessions. Very good communication between you and the tutor. I certainly recommend.

  20. David has been very helpful with my understanding of Calculus 1 and simplifies topics well so that they are easy to understand.

  21. David met me at the University and was able to help me with my Math 1050 class. He is very knowledgeable and was able to work at my own pace. I would definitely recommend him!!!

  22. Sarah and David have been very helpful and i get a lot of work done when i am working with the two. i highly recommend them both if you are struggling at all.

  23. I have David come to my house to help me study for math 1050. Though he is late (he drives from slc to ogden) he is quite helpful and knowledgeable of the subject. I appreciate his patience and good work ethic. Thank you!!! Sincerely Chase

  24. David was Great! He tutored me for Math 1040. I had a scheduling conflict and he was very understanding! Made everything work great and even stayed late. 10 out of 10

  25. David was helpful, knows his stuff.He helped me with math in SAT. We met at the city library. I really recommend him if you need help with SAT.

  26. David the Chemistry tutor is great and I feel like he is helping me a lot! Chemistry is very hard for me and he is patient and explains concepts well.

  27. Browsing the website who would be my tutor for English was a little bit of a challenged. Then I found A+ tutoring. Sarah is been wonderful and knows her materials. Sarah is instrumental to my needs when I needed the most. I can rely on her helping me to focus on my weakness(es) learning English grammar. I would highly recommend her to any students that have challenges in English. The hours are great and based on my availability and Sarah has been flexible. Meeting on a regular basis is well worth it. Thank you Sarah for helping me. You rock!!!

  28. David helped me complete my BYU precalc course in North Ogden. He was efficient and timely and would recommend him.

  29. David has been helping me work through my calc 1 course at slcc, he has been a great help to me. He has a lot of knowledge in mathematics, and he is patient with me when we are working through new material.

  30. David is great tutor, he is always ontime and responds timely to all of my texts and/or questions. He tutors me on calc 2 material at my house in Bountiful, which is convenient. He goes over homework problems and explains solutions step by step. I was able to increase my test score by one letter grade and after three sessions.

  31. The tutor that helped me in college chemistry at SLCC south city campus last night was a greaty service to me . Thank you David!

  32. Andy saved the day. I was right up against a deadline and he met me the same day I called (a Sunday morning ) and patiently worked with me to produce a quality report. Andy is an expert with Microsoft Office, versatile and easy to work with, and mindful of providing value for clients time and money. I will definitely call A+ Tutoring the next time I need help with an important assignment.

  33. Professor Asghar Yarahmadi really helped me understand complex programming material in MATLAB for only two hours. I really appreciate his help. He tutored me online through Skype.

  34. David has been great !!
    My daughter needed math (10th Grade) help to finish of this school year … David was available right away. My daughter likes working with him, and feels like she is understanding her math much better. David is on time,( we are in Draper) and communication with him via text is great ..
    Just wanted to let you know, David!that the exam Lilah took on Wednesday May 26th went good !! She got an A- !! Thanks so much

  35. David accommodated our hectic schedule and clicked with my daughter, who he met at our home in the Avenues. I highly recommend him for math and chemistry. My daughter is going to Rio de Janeiro to play in a junior Olympic volleyball tournament and will miss the last two weeks of school. She had to jam the last five weeks of school into three weeks. Math and chemistry are subjects that take her longer to grasp. So a second or third instruction helps reinforce the topic. She had to finish all her assignments and take her finals early. Thanks to David for working around my daughter’s busy volleyball practice schedule and for working quickly and thoroughly to make sure everything was covered for her final exams. THANK YOU, DAVID! We will definitely be back next fall.

  36. We moved from Austria to the USA (SLC, UT) 3 months ago. After 4 weeks of english lessons with Sonia I have made a great progress and now I have no inhibitions to talk to other people. She is a very friendly and likeable woman.

  37. My tutor, Riya was everything I needed and more. I would use her again and again. Extremely knowledgeable in the area ( JAVA) I needed help with. We met at the Marriott library at the University of Utah.

  38. I got the opportunity to be tutored online through Skype for computer science by a very intelligent woman named Riya, who helped me immensely and am grateful for that. excellent overall.

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